Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Queen's Night And Day

After London, we continued our trip to Holland!
2009-04-29 First we got to Den Haag for the Queen's Night, the eve before the real Queen's Day. Since we got to Den Haag on the 28th, we did a small city tour under the little rain and surfed at a Holland guy's place with another surfer from Canada. They cooked nice pasta with Crème fraîche.
In the next noon we went to Keukenhof, the world's famous tulip garden, yet we didn't go in. We rented bikes and started an easy-going bike tour in the tulip fields.
We were kind of lost on the map, so it took quite a long time to get to the way to the coast. The coast was not so beautiful though... We "did" rode a longlong way to the destination! But it was sad that we missed the very Holland way pancake dinner with all the couch surfers. Afterwards, we visited Leiden University-a student city like Linköping. My senior has been here as an exchange for a year. Leiden was also a unicersity with river like Cambridge. So it wins, definately!

Night, the street in Den Haag was full of people and music. The music was nice, but not so familiar-hearing. It made me expect the Queen's day more!
I like Holland flag, because it's like French flag.

2009-04-30 The last day of April and the Queen's day! We moved to Amsterdam early in the morning. The whole street was ORANGE! People were waring orange hats, orange galsses, orange T-shirts.
On the canal, people had parties on the boats!
Henikens were everywhere in crazy people's hands and on the street, or in the toilet! The whole city was just going as crazy, crowded as possible. It was so fun there. JP, Kris, Ali, Yu, Yen, Ponpon were all there! So nice to see them, so we went to a "coffee shop", smoking special grass and eating special cakes like every tourist did there.

To be honest, we didn't spend much time city touring. The day was such an event that we just joined everyone.

The day after on 1st on May, the party was over and the street was better not to take any look on it :D We visited a windmill village near Amsterdam. Around five or six windmills lined up beside the canal. Though it was not so efficient nowadays, it showed that how the people in the old time took some advantages of the nature wind, very clever. We also tried some good cheese there...the smoked cheese was my taste!
Good morning, Amsterdam on 1st May

to be continued...

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