Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brussel and Brugge

2009-05-02 After Holland, we came to Begium! We stopped in Brussel. We were shocked when we had our first meal in a kebab restaurant, because the clerk said "bonjour" to us. And we realized in Brussel thay speak French!
We met our CS host, Jean Christophe (obviously, it's very French), a guy in a very confusing relationship with two girls then. So he didn't spend a lot of time with us, yet he was still a nice person and he even showed us around Brussel. It was a nice city. Especially never miss the Grand Place in Brussel.
This was a building in Grand Place. People said the designer killed himself by jumping off from the top of the building, because of the mistake that the upper side of the gate isn't in the middle.

The city tour was quite pleasant and very quick. We spent only 1 or 2 hours to finish the center of the city.

After the host left us there and went to his "special meeting". My high school friends ,Wendy and Vivi, came from Leuven to see us. They studied in Leuven now. We visited the peeing broze boy. It was just a very small statue.
Before I thought my friends could introduce the city for us, yet just the opposite! It was me to introduce the city to them. I repeated all the things that I heard from my host. They should be ashamed! However, at least they knew where we could have very good french fries. And we went to a bar the host recommaded. I ordered "Hoegaarden", white beer. I liked it a lot and I could really say Belgium beer is one of world's best.

In the evening, we tried mussels with fries. It was my favorite in Belgium. Especially with some white wine, one couldn't resist much. Thanks to Wendy and Vivi for taking us around (though not really a good guide).
2009-05-03 The next day we went to Brugge and met Yu, Yen PonPon again (we met in Holland before). They were doing couch surfing in Brugge, so thier host (a Canadian) took us around to see the city. I liked Brugge a lot. It was an old city with traditional houses, which were built with very funny stair-like roof.
As we climbed up the Belfort (a tower at Brugge square), the view fo the whole Brugge was so nice! Typical European red roof filled up the picture.We had a nice dinner (and the finest Belgium beer) with the Canadian host and met a Chinese girl who had some problem with her sleeping place for the night. So after the dinner we suggested the Chinese girl to go to our host's place in Brussel. Our host was so kind. He siad ok to the abrupt request. So I wrote "thank you" in Chinese on his wall!
2009-05-04The last day of the trip we spent a morning at Atomium. It was built for Expo'58, Brussels World’s Fair. It was hard to imagine that the building was finished 50 yeard ago. It looked very fashionable.A cooooool building!
After that we hurried up to the airport (almost late for the flight), back to Sweden.
Fianlly we finished our journey of 9 days in London, Holland and Belgium.
I learned a lot and enjoyed it actually!!



  1. haha~ sorry that i was not familiar with Brussel.

    i just know beer, fries, chocolate XD

  2. it means that food is all you concern about XD

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