Sunday, December 21, 2008

White Experience

The first snow in my life took place in Sweden, here I 'm studying now in 2008.

White, Tranquil, and Peaceful, the world seems sleeping away (or dead?!)

I feel so small in the white world. It's like you're facing the ocean or taking a walk in the woods.

Inspite what ever you think of snow, please be careful of sleppery icy ground, especially after a few drink riding a bike......You can surely do a lot of drifting skills!!

Overall, Snow is very very nice.

In the time, people feel lonely and boring, so they make snowmen. For ex.

Outside McDonald's
so the word is "cheeseb..."
, you know.

A snow......animal!!
Where's the santa clause?

A sweet couple?
So sorry for them that they have problem to look into each other...

wish you a Merry Christmas!!
and Happy New Year~♪

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Never Late for Tenta in Sweden

"Tenta" means "exam" in Swedish. Today I had a tenta (probabilities and statistics) at 8:00 AM. For the exam, I studied late at night till 3:00 AM just before it started. I thought why not take a nap. Then the alarm clock was set but didn't work on me. When I woke up, it was 9:00!!

runrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrun(putain!! bike's lock was broken)
But every student here knows the exam rules are so strict.

I was stopped outside and had two choices:
1.stay doing nothing
A mistake is a lesson: this lesson tells me that never drink beer, play on-line games, stay up too late before the exam.

There's a Chinese saying: "I reflect to myself three times a day"

I sould do it from now on...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Newly Open


This blog is for writing down things happening in Sweden, the place where I am now studying in. It'a kinda exchange life. Everything's different. But I like it!!

Now I'm in the exam week...(QQ)
After the exam, winter vacation comes!

so here's my plan:
2008-12-25 Christmas in Sweden: On Chtistmas most European students go back to see the families, so I'm lonely trying to find some friends left here and have a bigbig dinner.
2008-12-27 to 2009-1-1 Count down in Stockholm: Remember to bring your Champange :)
2008-1-5 to 2009-1-12 Three-city Trip: Malmo >> Copenhagen >> Oslo (gatta spend a million $ in Oslo...)
2000-1-12 to 2009-1-19 Northen Light in Kiruna: I can't wait to experience to live at a place under -20℃ outside without water and electricity!!