Thursday, December 18, 2008

Never Late for Tenta in Sweden

"Tenta" means "exam" in Swedish. Today I had a tenta (probabilities and statistics) at 8:00 AM. For the exam, I studied late at night till 3:00 AM just before it started. I thought why not take a nap. Then the alarm clock was set but didn't work on me. When I woke up, it was 9:00!!

runrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrun(putain!! bike's lock was broken)
But every student here knows the exam rules are so strict.

I was stopped outside and had two choices:
1.stay doing nothing
A mistake is a lesson: this lesson tells me that never drink beer, play on-line games, stay up too late before the exam.

There's a Chinese saying: "I reflect to myself three times a day"

I sould do it from now on...


  1. May the force be with you. We just had our prob. midterm last night and the avg. score is around 35 (and yes TAs finished scoring our turn-ins within 24 hours.)

    Btw have you seen the video 'Jizz in my pants'?

  2. Yep I know.
    "Jizz in My Pants" was sent by me back to Taiwan. Yet I got it from my friend from 交通 uni. Don't addict to it...

  3. I kept on listening to it(can't stop) when i was studying prob. and electromagnetic, though i got 80 on the later and 25 on prob(sum them up and you get 105 oh yeah!!)

    Just now i decided to play it one more time before goin to bed!

  4. I love the "putain" !! I see that you had some very good French lessons!


  5. ah a good student.... the kind of student who forget to wake up for an exam...!! but you are so good at french so I forgive you!

  6. where can you find a Beck's in Sweden, I wonder?

    and b.t.w the rules for exam is *much* harder this year. have no idea why but best suggestions will be never even 1 minute late to none "tenta"s!