Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Newly Open


This blog is for writing down things happening in Sweden, the place where I am now studying in. It'a kinda exchange life. Everything's different. But I like it!!

Now I'm in the exam week...(QQ)
After the exam, winter vacation comes!

so here's my plan:
2008-12-25 Christmas in Sweden: On Chtistmas most European students go back to see the families, so I'm lonely trying to find some friends left here and have a bigbig dinner.
2008-12-27 to 2009-1-1 Count down in Stockholm: Remember to bring your Champange :)
2008-1-5 to 2009-1-12 Three-city Trip: Malmo >> Copenhagen >> Oslo (gatta spend a million $ in Oslo...)
2000-1-12 to 2009-1-19 Northen Light in Kiruna: I can't wait to experience to live at a place under -20℃ outside without water and electricity!!

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