Sunday, May 31, 2009

London, Cambridge

Keep left! I was kinda in an oppasite world. Other than the European counrties, U.K. chose to be always left. I totally have no idea and think it very stupid. The only familiar thing there was "ENGLISH". Thanks to Ian, my travel partner for helping me a lot (I always follow other's trip. That makes my trip easier and enjoy more things rather than worrying where to live, the flight...barabarabara)
Double deck bus, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, our first stop was decided in the heart of London. We took the well-known London underground to "Westminster". While walking in Westminster station, I stopped suddenly and made a sharp right turn up the stairs. The Big Ben was standing there welcoming us, so so stunning.
Why not took a flight in London? Try once "London Eye" and you might find it worth 17 pounds (still, it's quite expensive). First, you will be put in a transparent, capsule-shaped cabin. Then the huge cabin goes up and up. You can just feel your feet floating in the air. For people with seriously acrophobia, they have seats. However I was always standing. It was so amazing to have a whole view of London in my eyes.
After London Eye, the sun set and bars appeared. We went to "George Inn" :) which is named after me (haha). It was an old inn with bars, a restaurant and some rooms. I could feel an antique and quaint atmosphere there. We had some fine Greene King beer there, and of course, visited the "Tower Bridge" near by. It appeared so beautifully in the night with its reflection in the black river mirror.
That evening, I tried to get into platform 9 and 3/4, yet in vain. It showed that I was a totally muggle. What a pity... Otherwise, I'd like to take Hogwarts Express and become a great wizard! That maybe easier than my electrical engineering :)
The second day started from Buckingham Palace. There happened to be a marathon in London and the goal laid in the end of the big road in front of the palace. People were everywhere around The Victoria Memorial. I had a perfect view of the first runner winning the goal! By the way the guards changing was nothing special to see. I suggest that follow some free English guides there and probably you will have a decent outdoor class.
British Museum exhibited all the foreign treasures taken from the wars while the Great British was a big power in the world (kinda sad). It was quite big so that we just took a quick look of the exhibits. I like the sculptures of any kinds of the animals, such as the Egypt Cat, or the loyal dog sculpture in the Age of Greek. Oh! And there's one thing worth to mention: the entrance fee is free for British Museum.
The evening, we had some Cantonese cuisines in China Town. I thought my Cantonese was good enough to order a dish, but not... I was expecting a roasted duck with rice. However, I got a roasted pork with rice instead. Hmmmm...roasted pork was also great! (and I need practice anyway)

Afterwards, we went to the musical in Broadway, London. I was excited about it! Narmally, people can usually get a ticket from the half price counter. We chose "Les Misérables" to see. The stage was like a round plate that could turn around, so that the whole play was so fluent without any long blackout period. The plots were dramatical and the music was really really great! "I dreamed a dream" (Susan Boyle has just sung it in "Britains Got Talent"), "Stars", "Castle on A Cloud" and "On My Own" were all good to appreciate. It was a nice evening for me!

The day after, we took the train from King's Cross to Cambridge. There was a little rain that day. Otherwise the view would have become better. Cambridge was such a place with a study atmosphere. Students got off the class and had some coffee in the shop. I wish I could have a chance to be there for study. In Cambridge, I prefered a relaxing walk nearby the river. As Ian said, the university wins with the river!! It's so sad that there are three lakes in my home university, but not a river :(
The trip in London was fabulous!! We took an early flight in the morning to Netherlands. That means the journey didn't go to an end.

to be continued......

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