Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hello!Milano & Verona

Rain started as I arrived at the city. My feet were wet but passion was still. So glad to meet Yuri a nd Giacomo and surely we had a perfect time in the two days despite of the rain!

the next afternoon, we went to Duomo Platz for Giacomo and our couch surfing host
"Duomo Platz", first I thought it was a PIZZERIA named DUOMO. I was wrong.
Duomo Platz = Cathedral Square ≠ Duomo Pizza Shop
(I know it's so stupid, but it's not a Taiwan student's fualt!)
The pigoens there are incredibly many.We were waiting for only 10 mins and it came our host "Stefano" in Milano
As you could see till now, Italiano people love an "o" after a word!! I have an italian friend named Georgi-o and we also have Stefan-o and Giacom-o

Then we had two great city tour guide, so that we didn't miss good salami
and gelato (Italian icecream)
Oh and there was cery popular in Milano that in pub they had "happy hour". It means if you go to the pub during happy hour, it's all you can eat by a perchase of a 7-euro drink. We did it, and I have to say "Italians really have amazingly delicious food, buono buono :P"
Milan may be a shopping paradise (or hell)
on the street, "Via Montenapoleone", Here we found a bag from Georgio Armani and...
it says "Porsa (Bag in English) Euro 16.705,00"
If one day I am rich and become a psycho by the way, I would like one in my hand.

The day after we went to Verona (First we were planning to go to como lake or Venice, but one is too far and the other was not good with the rain)

This small city impressed me a lot with all the street views. I consider one of my living place when I get old!
Such a peaceful place, and it's famous of Romeo and Juliet (Romeo and Giulietta).
"But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East and Juliet is the sun!"
OH! my love :D

I found it a perfect place for couples after the trip!

After all, thanks for my friends in the trip
and especially Stefano! Grazie mille!

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