Thursday, April 2, 2009

Musik i Sverige

Do you know Britney's "Baby One More Time" was written by a Swedish guy called Max Martin?
Do you know besides America and U.K. , Sweden is the third most music-exporting country?

Right! It was amazing that I just knew Swedish music was not only ABBA, but so many other good melodies are from Sweden.

And half of Swedish people here are crazy about ESC (Eurovision Song Contest)
It's an event every year since 1950s...long long ago

So a lot of Swedish good songs were from the contest.
e.x. Främling by Carolais quite famous among all the Swedish people. Everytime when we sing Karaoke with Swedish friends, they always choose this song~
and this year "La Voix"(now idea why they have a French name for the song representing Sweden) takes the place. It was performed by Malena Ernman with a way of opra singing! It sounds huge, gorgeous!!

However, try some Swedish taste, no matter folk or popular:)


  1. "under ytan" by Uno Svenningson fits an Egyptian home movie like a glove.

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