Sunday, April 12, 2009

ESNtrain X Vienna

First of all, I have to say "ESNtrain sucks hard!!"
The information was released just 4 hours before the trip started and said that there was some misunderstanding between ÖBB (Austrianrail, taking charge of the whole trip) and ESN group.
How stupid they prepared beers and music bands on the train already yet didn't solve the biggest problem?!
The trip that we can't miss in our life?! bullshit

"HOWEVER" our lovely host >>
and her sister >>
let us stay in their place for 2 more nights, so that we didin't have to sleep in the bus stop
"Wuk" was a nice place to have a party!! I enjoyed the After-demo party there.
So, surely there're lots of things to see in Vienna...
>>Schloß Schönbrunn: One of the world's biggest castles. Pick up a easy sunshine afternoon and take a small walk up to the hill. You could appreciate Vienna city all in your sight.
>>How about an opera night in Folksoper. It took me only 19 euros to have a nice seat and enjoy Le Mariage de Figaro ( Maybe sometimes enjoy my sleep)
>>or, a walk in Naschmarkt. You will find some goods there: Cheese filled in sweet peppers, or kebab (I had KEBAB almost every meal in Vienna!). Oh!! and you could not miss Autrian "Schnizel" (We had a Schnizel dinner from our hosts). Thin, crunchy Schnizel is the difference with German one. Worth a try!!
>>or check out what there are in Schwedenplatz (Sweden Plaza). Honestly, nothing special :), but the name made me go there.

Overall, don't forget to bring some Mozart Chocolate Balls with you. Either for yourself or as a present is ok.

It was a nice trip!! Though Vienna was not so "musical" as I expected before, it was an impressive city.

*I really enjoyed sleeping in the Vienna old apartment. Esp. the high ceiling and big door, it was my favorite.

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  1. Read more about the ESNTrain scandal

    6 months have passed and no student has received back its money. A quarter of a million Euros are lost. The fault lies with Bernhard Jäggle of ETH Zürich.