Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Way to Shooting Master

If you feel so bored in the weekends, try this!
Laserdome in Linköping
90kr / 30 mins play (30 mins are really enough)
Be prepared...and SHOOT!

Here're my results from last year till this year

Fisrt Chapter: Novice Shooter

9th of 13, hm...not bad for a beginner
of coursem, it's not good either.

This time JP got the first place.
I think it's because he's mastered in CS.

Second Chapter: Advanced Archer

Now I got some techniques to play.
Somtimes it's good to ambush in the tower, but watch out the mine explosion every 2 min!!

Ali (also good at CS, but sometimes has some excuse of his failure) killed so many times then. He's always hiding and waiting for somebody coming, such an assassin!!

Third Chapter: Master Hunter

3rd of 16!!
Wanna kill me? You'd better try!
We played with some Swedish this time. Though there're 3 teams in the field, it came out to be international students v.s. Swedish.

And we got the final champion XD

advice: Why not go to Mc'donalds or BurgerKing to have a good meal and talk about your game!!

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